Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Final thoughts?

I'm very much still in the conceptual/planning phases of my final project/presentation.

From what we've read, Delpit and Johnson had a big impact on me - they really made me think about how I was raised and how that affects what I do in the classroom. The easiest example is one  found in Delpit about asking questions when we really mean a command.

Though I've learned so much from this class already about how race, gender, SES, etc all impact the classroom environment, I wish that I worked in a school that was more heterogeneous. I can look back on my time in an urban school with the lens from this class, but it is sometimes difficult to apply what I've learned when all but one of my 80 students are white and middle class.

Because of this, much of my reflection has been based on bringing up the inequalities in society to my students. I try to bring in race, culture and their perceptions as much as I can in my history classes and I talk a lot about the differences in groups of people in my sociology class.

A few images I've compiled for my Pecha Kucha are below. I'll leave  you guessing as to why I chose them until my presentation...

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  1. That skeleton picture is hilarious. I am trying to figure out what authors impacted me the most as well. I would say Anyon for sure, but figuring out the next few in order.